University chat made simple.

Connect with your classmates, and find friends.

What is Student+?

Student+ is a messaging app purpose-built for new students at the University of Edinburgh. We provide students with a centralised and easily-accessible directory of academic and social group chats.

Turbocharging University Group Chats

Coming soon!

Group chats can be a great, but sometimes it can be difficult to pick out important messages from all the chit-chat. We're going to fix that.

Supporting Mental Health

If you are having a tough time, we want to be there for you. Student+ makes it easier than ever to identify other students similar to you, and create a micro-community. Our goal is to combat loneliness and social isolation.


Improving the Student Experience

Our mission is to use the latest technologies to improve the student experience.

We want to empower students with the tools to achieve their best, and provide both social and academic value.

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