Create digital communities for your new students.

Provide a sense of belonging.
Combat social isolation.
Drive retention.

What is Student+?

  • Student+ is an internal messaging platform that provides an accessible, centralised directory of established communities for new students. 

  • We have built a university-exclusive social network designed to combat social isolation, and ensure no student becomes disconnected from their university campus.

  • We provide additional services for universities


  • Unlike Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, Student+ is purpose-built to support student communication.

  • Group chats on these other platforms are not part of a wider ecosystem geared towards improving the student experience.

  • Student+ provides student profiles that encourage students to familiarise themselves with their peers, create further connections, and establish themselves within the student community.

  • Functionality on Messenger and WhatsApp such as nickname, and group name changing confuses students as to the group’s intended purpose, and can devolve into name-calling.

Introductory Offer!


per faculty

per academic year

Virtual Academic Families

The Student+ team can setup your virtual academic families for you.

As many private group chats as you need on our platform.


Analytics and insight into academic family engagement.

Moderation and reporting tools.

Admin functionality.


per academic year

Virtual Societies Fair

Setup for societies into a centralised directory.

Verified Student's Union announcements channel.


Analytics and insight into society engagement.

Moderation and reporting tools.

Admin functionality.



Please get in contact with our team if you believe Student+ could provide a custom-built solution to support you and your students.

Improving the Student Experience

Our mission is to use the latest technologies to improve the student experience.

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We want to support universities with tools that contribute towards student success, and provide both social and academic value.